The IDENTIFY step is a facilitated workshop conducting an appreciative enquiry with the senior leadership. This will enable the senior leadership to create a unique team identify and the desired culture required for their organisation to be successful.  

Identity theory leadership by inspiration

Strong Identity and Culture

Research has found that teams with a strong identity increases:

  • Productivity and performance
  • Learning
  • Wellbeing
  • Resilience
  • Innovation
  • Job satisfaction


  • Turnover Intention
  • Selfish behaviour
  • Cliques
  • In-fighting
  • Stress and burn-out

Identifying and implementing these key outcomes will form the basis on which you can drive your believes, behaviours and culture. This will support the IMPLEMENT phase.  

Profile your leadership

Full profiling* of the leadership team will be conducted, this will include:

  • Leadership personality profiling (Trait-based)
  • Emotional intelligence profiling
  • 360 Feedback

Using the information collated, a development plan will be produced and developed to support the development of your leadership teams. 

* Leadership by Inspiration are British Psychological Society registered Psychometric Test User and are familiar with a range of Personality, Leadership, Motivation and EQ instruments. 

Want to know more about how we can profile your leaders and teams get in touch to find out more.

Can this step be done separately? 

Our process is completely modular, so if you want to just create a strong Identity or profile your leadership we can just talk about this step. 

We suggest the full three phase process if you are serious about lasting cultural change. 


Get in touch to see what we can offer and what would work for your current situation and goals. 

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