About Us

Leadership is at the centre of everything

About us:

Leadership by Inspiration is a tailored approach to culture, leadership and team development, which puts your unique situation at the heart of the solution. 

We bring significant experience from business, military and high-performance sports grounded in psychological evidence. We pride ourselves on being an evidence-based consultancy using the latest research in psychology, underpinned by the vast experience of our consultants and facilitators.

We are passionate about creating cultures where your people and teams can thrive. We understand that in this VUCA enviroment the engagement, innovation and performance of your people will enable your organisation to succeed.

What we do:

Create cultures where your people and teams can thrive.

Our approach starts with YOU. We understand everyone's situation and challenges are different and provide a tailored, modular solution to understand your needs and deliver results.

Check out our modular three phase process which can enable longterm culture and behavioual change. 

Why choose us:

We are specialists in providing sustainable culture change through leadership and team development. Our team offers vast experience from business, military, high-performance sports grounded in psychology.

Our approach is evidence-based in psychology underpinned by experience. We ensure that our methods and tools are grounded in research, which will enable greater success for all our interventions.

We understand that no team or organisation is the same, so we provide only tailor-made solutions. At Leadership by Inspiration, we do not believe in or advocate quick fixes.

We have helped develop culture, leadership and teams in organisations in public services, larger corporate companies and professional sports. 

Can we assist?

Do one or more of these statements describe your organisation or team?

  • Your organisation or team are facing new challenges and are struggling to adapt or get the productivity required to be successful. 
  • our organisation is experiencing toxic/dysfunctional behaviours, which are hampering productivity or vital change initiatives.
  • Within your organisation, there are elements of low trust and accountability amongst staff and employees are not empowered to make decisions.
  • Poor collaboration, silo working and low psychological safety stifling innovation and creativity within your organisation or team.   
  • Your organisation or team has increasing employee turnover and failing to attract and retain talent.

The world we are operating in is vastly changing, are you ready for tomorrow's challenge?

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The Team


Mike Jones

Founder and Director of Leadership by Inspiration 

Mike’s leadership skills and knowledge are grounded in an 18-year career in the British Army where he served six tours of Afghanistan and Iraq, leading troops on the front line in areas and situations of extreme hostility. Knowing how to build the psychological safety and trust required to survive these scenarios led Mike to go on and be invited to teach the next generation of Officer-level military leadership at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

These experiences, accompanied by a Masters in Occupational Psychology, have given Mike an exceptional background in leadership and creating the right cultural environments for people, teams and organisations to thrive.

With a deep interest in WHY people follow others to perform optimally, Mike is passionate about helping create the right environment for leaders and teams to be successful.

Today he works with teams across sports and business to encourage, develop and drive the capability of each team member to achieve their potential in service of wider organisational goals.

Kasia Murphy


Kasia is a Business Psychologist who has worked with various organisations designing and delivering bespoke research-based consulting, leadership development and one-to-one coaching.

Her expertise lies within employee engagement, servant leadership, emotional intelligence and employee well-being. Her greatest skill is her knowledge of human psychology and its application in the business environment.

Kasia founded her own Language Centre and led a team of thirty staff for over 10 years, growing it to five locations nationwide, with over 800 students; teaching at an executive level.

Recently, Kasia has been cooperating with John Lewis in Milton Keynes providing site-wide research on Work-Life Balance and Organisational Commitment (there were 500 participants) resulting in creating more engaged and fulfilling workplace.

Kasia strongly believes in developing leaders in order to fully unlock the potential of every employee.

Graeme Taylor Centred coachingGraeme Taylor

Graeme is an experienced facilitator, consultant, team coach and mentor. His specialities are consulting on Organisational Development (OD), building high-performance executive teams, executive coaching and mentoring high net worth executives. He believes that a no-nonsense direct approach combined with understanding and great positivity brings lasting success. ‘Let’s cut to the chase……’

Graeme has a wealth of experience in facilitating organisation across various sectors to achieve their audacious goals and overcome complex and volatile challenges. 

Graeme has a passion for developing people and himself. His warm personality, skills and enthusiasm drive raised awareness, responsibility and positive action. Wherever he goes and whomever he meets he leaves a lasting impression.


Lisa Howell leading Executive coachLisa Howell

Lisa is an Organisational Development Change Consultant working on transformation projects and change programmes developing bespoke strategy, approach, methodologies and tools. She combines this with team facilitation, executive and career coaching of senior execs, business owners and individuals wanting to transition their companies and lives.

Lisa’s expertise lies in her ability to deliver customer requirements against complex situations whilst taking the leaders and people involved with her. Lisa uses a refreshing yet challenging and sometimes mindful approach, pushing boundaries which don’t let you off the hook to rebalance and review to ensure the end goal is always driven towards.

Lisa uses her psychology and business academic knowledge together with her wealth of multi-sector experience, down to earth, authentic, holistic and balanced people approach as a foundation to enable individuals, teams and organisations to live their purpose and make the very best of what they have to achieve and exceed their aspirations.

Our Vision

A world where culture and leadership is a priority in all organisations

Our Mission

Provide an evidence-based approach unpinned by experience to create cultures where people and teams can thrive. 

Our Behaviours



We understand the importance of the right behaviours to provide the moral component of Leadership by Inspiration.

We strive to uphold our behaviours which creates a shared understanding and cohesion that we bring to the delivery of our service. 



Clear, open and honest communication at all times.




Ensure we consistently challenge ourselves and our clients to keep striving for excellence. 


Always provide the right support and resources required to enable people and teams to achieve success.