Leadership by Inspiration four step process to culture and identity

What we do

We create cultures so that your people can thrive.

Leadership by Inspiration supports you to cultivate an organisational environment that encourages the behaviours essential to successful leadership, collaboration and organisational learning. 

We will support your organisation to improve organisational performance and create a more engaging and satisfying work environment. 

We have a proven four-step modular approach to lasting behavioural and culture change:

Leadership by Inspiration Services Understand


Assessment of your employee's perception of your current culture, climate and psychological safety.


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Leadership by Inspiration Services Identify


Identify the desired culture, identity, and behaviours you need to drive your organisation forward. 


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Leadership by Inspiration Services develop


Develop the required leadership and team skills and behaviours to drive the desired culture change. 


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Leadership by Inspiration Services Embed


Embed the desired culture and behaviours firmly into the fabric of your organisation and teams.


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Our Approach


Understand your unique situation and challenge with the use of qualitative and quantitative research so we can provide a programme that would achieve tangible results.


Using the latest evidence from research and the organisation we will underpin that with stakeholders and our experience to produce an engaging and interactive solution-focused intervention, that will enable you to achieve your unique challenge.

First class delivery guaranteed, with interactive and engaging interventions that will enable transfer of training by delivering a practical application for the real-life workplaces and situations.

Evaluation will be key to the whole process to accurately measure all levels, this will enable you to see tangible results from your investment.

What is your organisation's current culture?

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