UNDERSTAND step is a culture assessment which enables you to gain important insight into your employee's perception of their experience in your organisation. 

The culture assessment will consist of a quantitative online survey which will be completed by all employee's and senior leadership. Once the survey is complete qualitative interviews with a sample of employees will be conducted.

Once data is collated a report will be produced displaying the results and key internal and external frictions that will contribute to the IDENTIFY and DEVELOP steps.

All assessments are psychrometrically tested and peer-reviewed. 

What will be assessed

What is Organisational Culture

WHY: Organisational culture is recognised as the over-arching factor that mediates behaviour and attitudes in the workplace. It is heavily cited that the right culture can predict performance, employee satisfaction and employee commitment. The right culture will cause positive behaviours working towards a shared goal. 

What is Psychological Safety

WHY: Psychological safety has a wealth of supporting research suggesting that organisations with psychological safety are higher performing with increased innovation, collaboration, well-being and trust. A lack of psychological safety has been shown to cause disengagement, turnover intentions, stress and lack of self-esteem. 

Something missing? We can assess more.

A number of different assessment can be conducted to meet your needs. Get in touch to understand how we can assess your current situation and enable your organisation or team to achieve the culture required to be successful. 



Take a look at the next step IDENTIFY to see how we can enable you to realise your desired culture.