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Assessing culture and leadership, enabling you to gain valuable insight and understand your people’s perception of their experience in your organisation with our analysis.



In the volatile and complex business environment, many organisations are struggling to think beyond the business as usual activities. They launch new products and services; they move into new markets; they pursue new customers. Seldom do they pause to assess whether their people, teams and processes are adapting to the demands or the frictions that are hindering progress? Annual employee engagement surveys can provide hints, but rarely give you the insight you need to create change.

Opportunity to understand the perceptions of your people

Valuable insight beyond annual employee engagement surveys



We can help. Our psychometrically proven analysis tools will identify the entrenched patterns and behaviours that ultimately help or hinder your people and teams. These assessments offer both quantitative and qualitative data. Our proven method of assessing culture, leadership behaviours and teams will ensure we will identify the areas of strengths and challenges in your organisation, and highlight the areas that will be most significant to your successful development or prepare you for organisational culture change. Specifically, our assessments include:

WHY: Organisational culture is recognised as the over-arching factor that mediates behaviour and attitudes in the workplace. It is heavily cited that the right culture can predict performance, employee satisfaction and employee commitment. The right culture will cause positive behaviours working towards a shared goal.

WHY: Effective leadership is essential to the climate of a team and attitudes in the workplace. It is heavily cited that positive leadership behaviours can predict performance, employee commitment and trust. Good leadership behaviours cause positive and productive responses.

WHY: Psychological safety has a wealth of supporting research suggesting that organisations with psychological safety are higher performing with increased innovation, collaboration, well-being and trust. A lack of psychological safety has been shown to cause disengagement, turnover intentions, stress and lack of self-esteem.

WHY: Research strongly suggests that teams with a strong identity and a leader that represents the group, display high levels of performance, innovation, resilience, learning and job satisfaction. Teams with a weak identity have higher levels of stress, selfish behaviour, cliques and turnover intentions.



We conduct statistical analysis and deliver in-depth results along with actionable recommendations for the path ahead. These assessments can be tailored to suit your situation and can be assessed at the team or organisation-wide at all levels.


Greater awareness required for successful development

What to expect during our analysis:

  • The right survey to best understand your challenges.
  • Survey every level of the organisation.
  • Optional detailed observations and focus groups for more behavioural context. 
  • Analysis conducted by trained professionals.
  • Detailed report with recommendations for immediate action.
  • Follow-up with our implementation experts.
Assessing Culture

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