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Leadership by Inspiration is a tailored approach to culture, leadership and team development which puts your unique situation at the heart of the solution.  

We bring significant experience from business, military and high-performance sports grounded in psychological evidence. 

Do one or more of these statements describe your organisation or team?

Leadership by Inspiration increases performance and leadership Your organisation or team are facing new challenges and are struggling to adapt or get the productivity required to be successful. 


Leadership by Inspiration retain and attract talentYour organisation or team has increasing employee turnover and failing to attract and retain talent.


Leadership by Inspiration increases collaboration and team workPoor collaboration, silo working and low psychological safety stifling innovation and creativity within your organisation or team.  


Leadership by Inspiration prevents toxic behavioursYour organisation is experiencing toxic/dysfunctional behaviours which are hampering productivity or vital change initiatives.


Leadership by Inspiration increases trust and empowers employee'sWithin your organisation, there are elements of low trust and accountability amongst staff and employees are not empowered to make decisions. 


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Why choose Leadership by Inspiration?

Leadership by Inspiration are specialist at leadership and culture

We are specialists in providing sustainable culture change through leadership and team development. Our team provides vast experience from business, military, high-performance sports grounded in psychology. 


Leadership by Inspiration are evidence based for best results

Our approach is evidence-based in psychology underpinned by experience. We ensure our methods and tools are grounded in research, which will enable greater success for all our interventions. 


Leadership by Inspiration adopt a tailored approach

We understand that no team or organisation is the same, so we provide only tailor-made solutions. At Leadership by Inspiration, we do not believe in or advocate quick fixes. 



Curious to see how we can work together to create a culture where people can thrive.

Our Services

What we do

We create cultures where your people and teams can thrive. 

Our modular three phase process for sustainable culture and behavioural change. 

Designed to understand the current culture, raise awareness, identify the direction needed to guide the organisation and facilitate the improvements required while developing the leadership and teams to thrive.

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Our process

Our Approach

Our approach starts with you.

We understand everyone's situation and challenges are different, we provide a solution tailored for your unique challenge.


Straight forward approach to understand your unique situation, design and deliver the right interventions to develop your leaders and teams to drive the right culture. 

All Interventions are evaluated and measured to understand success.

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  • Mike combines infectious passion with in-depth knowledge to deliver fantastic leadership courses! Wasps senior and academy players have benefitted from working with Mike and we look forward to continuing and constantly developing this relationship with Mike and leadership by inspiration.

    Chris Bell - Head of Partnership Delivery and Player Personal Development


  • I found Michael?s sessions really assisted my development as a player. Listening to his personal experiences discovering leadership as a soldier, it altered my playing perspective and made me become more confident. After he explained different theories it made me evaluate my mental attitude as an athlete off the pitch. However, he also made me my performance on the pitch by reviewing and reflecting performance. This means I can develop my leadership skills and ultimately become a better player and leader.

    Jess Cooksey - England U18 7?s Player

    England RFU

  • I think the idea of forcing yourself to be out of your comfort zone especially around new people has helped with building confidence and that links into the whole making yourself vulnerable point.

    Georgia Newman Home - Nations Vice Captain

    England RFU

  • I think the work with Michael has helped me understand that leadership is unique to the individual and the environment, and that not all leaders fit a certain mould. It's also shown me that the environment created within a group is just as important as the leadership itself.

    Lauren Fisher - England U18 7's Captain

  • Thank you, Michael Jones, for a fantastic team building event learning about trust in our quest to create memories! I would recommend Michael Jones to any organisation that wants to develop leadership, communication and teamwork.

    Tom Drewett - Head of Rugby University of Birmingham

    University of Birmingham

Organisations we have worked with


  • NHS Culture programme
  • Network Rail Leadership and Culture development
  • Amazon Leadership and Culture Development
  • Strabag leadership and Culture development
  • WASPS Rugby and Leadership by Inspiration
  • British Army Leadership with Leadership by Inspiration
  • Manchester Airport Group - Leadership by Inspiration
  • Birmingham university leadership development